Neways is Rebranding!

On 3rd October 2015, Neways became MODERE.

The way you place your orders is about to change. From 3rd October you will need to order directly from the MODERE website or by phoning the order line on 0808 238 9514.

MODERE will have a Stylish, Safe, Smart, newly packaged product line-up which will incorporate almost all the Neways products you are used to, with the same formulae as before. There will also be a number of highly desirable and heavily requested NEW PRODUCTS.

Crafted by nature. Created by MODERE. A new approach to modern health.

To place your next order, click here or telephone the order line on 0808 238 9514.

To find out more about these changes, please visit the MODERE website.

About Us

DIY Health have been independent distributors of Neways products since 2002. We have valued your business and look forward to receiving your orders in the future with MODERE.

Click here to contact DIY Health.